Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Build it and they will come.

What is it and who are they? It is the roads and infrastructure and they are the affordable housing. The problem is that there is too little land with good title near good infrastructure. So it is a lot of money chasing the few properties who are set up nicely in such zones leading to expensive properties. What needs to happen is a lot of four lane roads need to be built leading outside the congested city. This will create a sprawl. There are many people who are against urban sprawl, but that actually eliminates congestion. Well, all those who need affordable housing will also need affordable transportation, so we have these four lane roads which can be used for public transportation. In addition if certain parts of the city center is made vehicle free ( These would be markets and downtown), the city can be really degongested and it might actually be fun to go downtown. The urban sprawl can also be better planned with residential, commercial and parking at better rates and with less congestion and less pollution.
But this needs a visionary politician regulator. Nobody wants to lay roads , water,sewer and electric lines which are not going anywhere.

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